Anderson Clan

Anderson is a very common name in Scotland and around the world. Thought to be originally Scandinavian and brought to Scotland by the Viking invaders. The clan name Anderson or ‘son of Andrew’ is widely used in Scotland in several forms, including McAndrew. This derivation of the name is from the Gaelic word, meaning servant of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. It’s thought that there was an association with the clans Ross (sometimes called Clann Aindrea -the race of Andrew) and Chattan.

This is a short extract from the full Clan history which accompanies each of our flags. Presented on fine art paper, your Clan history can be displayed with pride.

Anderson Crest

Anderson Clan - Tartan, actual size

This flag style would typically be flown outdoors or on a vertical or angled flagpole or on display indoors on an indoor flagpole.
This is our most-popular selling design
(137cm x 69cm)

This flag is designed to be flown on a flagpole set at a 45 degree angle perhaps on the side of a house or office. When hug in this manner the crest will hang parallel to the building and the clan crest will show clearly.
(69cm x 137cm)

This flag can be used indoors or outdoors.  Perhaps above a fireplace or bar or hung on a wall like a tapestry.  If used outdoors it will hang parallel to the building on a horizontal flagpole. 
(69cm x 102cm)