Stewart Clan

The surname Stewart is the same as Steward, indicating the official in charge of the household and treasury, whether of the king or of some court-holding earl or bishop. The Stewart family records its traditional descent from Banquo, Thane (King) of Lochaber, who makes an appearance as a character in William Shakespeare\'s Macbeth. Historically, however, the Stewarts, who would eventually become monarchs of the Scots, descended from a family who were seneschals (medieval stewards) of Dol in Brittany.

This is a short extract from the full Clan history which accompanies each of our flags. Presented on fine art paper, your Clan history can be displayed with pride.

Stewart Crest

Stewart Clan - Tartan, actual size

This flag style would typically be flown outdoors or on a vertical or angled flagpole or on display indoors on an indoor flagpole.
This is our most-popular selling design
(137cm x 69cm)

This flag is designed to be flown on a flagpole set at a 45 degree angle perhaps on the side of a house or office. When hug in this manner the crest will hang parallel to the building and the clan crest will show clearly.
(69cm x 137cm)

This flag can be used indoors or outdoors.  Perhaps above a fireplace or bar or hung on a wall like a tapestry.  If used outdoors it will hang parallel to the building on a horizontal flagpole. 
(69cm x 102cm)